As Cornellians, we seek to bond with each other in good times and tough times. Unfortunately, with the outbreak of COVID-19, especially in the Bay Area, in-person group gatherings have not yet re-started.
However, Cornell NorCal continues to present a robust calendar of virtual events on a monthly basis. Additionally, we are cross-posting highlighted events from other Cornell clubs on our page below.
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Standing in Solidarity as a Community-Engaged Leader

  • 11 May 2021
  • 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Join CAAA and the Office of Engagement Initiatives for this interactive, 90-minute workshop. We will discuss what AAPIDA communities are experiencing and how staying connected with each other can provide us with supportive relationships and networks. Participants will explore mindsets for practicing solidarity within a group or community and examine personal biases that influence our leadership approach. You will leave with tangible takeaways and actions to practice for creating and maintaining safe spaces within APIDA communities and in solidarity with all communities of color.

Facilitated by Joy Das, program manager student leadership and Mike Bishop, director of student leadership, Office of Engagement Initiatives

Register for this event here: https://cornelluniversity.imodules.com/s/1717/cc/club.aspx?sid=1717&gid=62&pgid=23380&content_id=20945&authkey=m8A0AzhJZbysb%2bHz%2bFOnZMari6DeyxrXoJ%2brXkVaxE9gL2L7Vha0Ow%3d%3d

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